Mike Boornazian is an American actor, model and influencer, best known for his roles in HBO’s “Winning Time” and TLC’s “I Love a Momma’s Boy.” Originally climbing from the entertainment ranks behind the camera as a producer for NBC Universal’s “Maury” and several other syndicated daytime talk shows, Mike was quickly nominated for two Emmy’s before transitioning to full time on-air talent. Mike has a newly found passion for NFT’s and is particularly interested in working with CrossTower due to their innovative business model, global platform and user-friendly marketplace. “A wide range of fans have asked me how to get involved–from meet and greets and souvenirs, to behind-the-scenes content. With the CrossTower NFT Marketplace, I believe that we can provide an affordable, effective platform for fans to access a “hands-on” experience behind their favorite TV series and of course, get to know me and my cast mates!” “I’m really excited to launch my first exclusive NFT collection with CrossTower, where fans will enjoy a variety of products and experiences. The team at CrossTower helped take my ideas and make them a reality for fans and aspiring actors, models and influencers.” “Stay tuned my future drops because we’re already thinking about how to take this to the next level!”